The Pharma Licensing Club France

The Pharma Licensing Club de France (PLCF) was created in 1996 around a core of Business Development Executives from pharmaceutical companies. From the beginning, the association has developed activities and network in close collaboration with other European Business Development pharmaceutical organizations.

Over time, accompanying the changes of our industry, our association is open to biotech companies, and providers / suppliers of the pharmaceutical industry.
To date, the PLCF has more than 130 members representing one hundred companies of all sizes, mostly located in France.

Cercle Union Interalliée

Cercle de l’Union Interalliée | 33 rue du Faubourg St-Honoré.

Our mission has three main objectives:

  • Create opportunities for meeting and exchanges between our members,
  • Enhance the Business Development and Licensing function,
  • Contribute to training in this area and share our experiences and good practices.


To meet this mission, the Pharma Licensing Club de France periodically brings together executives from Business Development and Licensing at meetings in four different frameworks:

  • Breakfast around updated regulatory or legal issues,
  • Panel discussions followed by dinner on the evolution of our business and the environment of our industry,

  • Half-day training sessions led by experts in technical areas of the pharmaceutical business,

  • One-day meetings organized with other European associations around several unifying topics.