European Pharma Licensing Clubs

Pharma Licensing Club France has equivalents in various European countries.

  • These various clubs have the same target: gathering life science Business Developers at a national level, but with a global aim to create a real community of men and women having Business development activities.
  • These clubs enable members to develop the networking at a European level but also to improve the access to numerous opportunities of partnerships.
  • Every year, events are organized with the purpose of exchanges and trainings to keep pace with the continuous development of the environment of the human and animal health. These events can be organized by two clubs but also with the setup of an annual international event IPLS (International Pharma Licensing Symposium) or European EPLS (European Pharma Licensing Symposium), both generally organized in Europe.
  • There are 9 national clubs in Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, Benelux, France, Germany, Italy, Scandinavian countries, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. Every club generates its own activities of local meetings mainly with training programs to meet at best the members expectations.

List of European clubs:

  • PLCD (Pharma Lizenz Club Deutschland)
  • Italy HLG (Italy Healthcare Licensing Group)
  • PLGS (Pharmaceutical Licensing Group Spain)
  • Swiss HLG (Swiss Healthcare Licensing Group)
  • NPLG (Nordic Pharma Licensing Group)
  • PLG CEE (Pharmaceutical Licensing Group Central Eastern Europe)
  • CHLA (Canadian Healthcare Licensing Association)
  • IPLS (International Pharma Licensing Symposium)